Halloween 2013 Show

Greetings Halloween Ghouls and Goblins!

  A quick note to let everyone know that the display is setup this yet.  Just did it today / this evening.  It is currently running for testing purposes.  What does that mean?  Well simple I'm running every sequence tonight a couple times through to make sure everything is setup and working correctly.  No narratives or anything.  Just straight music.  There are also some new ones in the line up too.  Stop on by and take a gander...   Just remember weather permitting!


Welcome to the Brooks Family Lights website.

Who are we?  Well we are just an American Family living in Western New York State who has decided to bring to life their holiday displays.

What does that mean?  Well our Halloween and Christmas displays are no longer static.  By static we mean lights on constantly.  Our display is now dynamic.  Dynamic in the way of "dancing" to music!!!!

Yes that is correct.  Our lights are synchronized to music.  We have a selection of songs for each holiday that we have picked out for you to enjoy listening too along with watching as the lights blink / flash to the beat of the music.  If you have never seen anything like this then I suggest you come watch a show or two.  You will be amazed and the children love it!  I know ours do!

We have added two count down timers to let you know how many days to Halloween and Christmas.  This also let's us know how many days we have left to get our displays up! :)


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Christmas Countdown

Christmas 12.25.2017 00:01 35 Days

Christmas Display Lights On

Christmas Lights On 11.24.2017 17:00 5 Days

Halloween Countdown

Halloween 2018 10.31.2018 12:00 345 Days