2017 Christmas Display Updates


  Where do I even begin.  Setup is not going well.  This is a whole new world for running the show this year so I have a huge learning curve to deal with and this networking.  I think I might finally have it.  Days before I am scheduled to go live.  I still have over half of the display to setup.  So much to do and so little time to do it all in.  And, to make matters worse, I still have sequencing to do!



  Do I ever have some good news.  This years display will be kicked up a notch!  x2!  A gracious donation of two (2) pixel mega trees has been gladly accepted.  Oh yeah...  You read that correctly.  These are not the bullet nodes that I will be building up in the future but rather the strips.  It is so the step in the right direction!  The main tree is about 20 high with a star on top.  The smaller tree is about 13 feet with a star also.  This should be interesting!  The sequencing I am going to have to do with these!  I also need to find a storage place as my garage is getting small real quick!!!

  I am working on a new layout now as a result of these donations / additions.  I am in total awe.  Now on the same note this same gentleman has given me ideas for other new elements in my show.  Not ideas in what to put in the show but rather how to do the ideas I've had.  Solutions to the problems in designs.  Really simple solutions too which is apparently why I was not seeing it. :(  Yeah, just a little ashamed at how simple.  But I am armed with ideas now so I am trying to re-design things and working on getting the much needed lights for my ideas (that is where the problem really is, not cheap).


2016 Christmas Display Update


  Good news!  I have decided to not tear down yet.  The show must go on!  But this coming weekend the show is done.  Saturday, December 31, 2016 will be the LAST night!!!!

  For the rest of this week I will be testing the show out using a Raspberry Pi.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Raspberry Pi.  The computer is shut down and this little computer will run the show for 6 days.  Every song but 2 or 3 will be playing every night.  So come on over and watch it while you can for this year.  Otherwise you will have to wait until next winter!


  The show has been up and running since the day after Thanksgiving!  Looks like Monday, December 26 will be the day I tear the display down as the weather will be in the low 50's that day.  So if you have not seen the show you might want to be sure you get there but Christmas night as that will be the last night it will run!



  The 4 L.E.D. arches are repaired, in place and plugged in.  I still have a couple of things to get in place but will wait for the weather to pass.  They are calling for high winds so I'll be watching everything closely as a result.  Hopefully no wind damage will result.



  These past two days have been productive.  Majority of the display is now up.  Not all the lights mind you but the actual props if you will.  Lights will be finished this weekend perhaps.  All pending on the weather.  So needless to say the progress is moving forward.  Very little sequencing has been accomplished though.  That I need to work on still.



  Today I was able to accomplish a little more.  Two ChromaPoles (Pixel Poles) were built up.  Also the new Pixel Mega Tree is built up.  The three stars were also put in place on top of each item.  Nothing permanent just yet though.All I need now is to get the pixel to populate all of this with and I'll be done.

  I still have the 8 arches to build up.  I don't even have all of the hardware just yet to do this though.  That is another trip to Home Depot.  No energy today especially it being a Holiday not even sure they are open right now.  Either way, not going today.  Time to rest.  Once I get these arches built up it should be pretty impressive.  PVC and EMT conduit.  Great combination.  Again, no pixels to populate with but I can at least get the framework built so when the pixels come in I can wire, solder and heat shrink everything up and be done.



  I have been working on the display for this year but have to admit I am behind.  Way behind.  Possibly because I am trying to take on too much this year..

  I have started to use xLights 4.  Pretty impressive piece of software let me tell you.  While Vixen has served me well over the years I can do so much more with xLights.  It is a different way of sequencing.  An amazing way of sequencing.  RGB is amazing and overwhelming all in the same breath.

  So I keep plugging away.  I still have props to build and lights to order and then install.  I will update as I can.  Time is passing by quickly though.

2014 Christmas Display Update

Hello!  I will give you an update as to how we are progressing with this years display.


  Alright I am happy to report that I have finished two more songs for this year.  TSO Wish Listz and also Polar Express.  I'll tweak them some more before the show goes online I'm sure. :)

  I am still waiting for parts to come in to finish my trees and north poles.  We shall see how much I actually get done though.  Lots to do.

  I have some things to work on this weekend in preparation for the show starting possibly next week.  If I can get some stuff done this weekend then next week I can assemble my controllers and what not and get this stuff knocked out and setup.  Fingers crossed.


  Well more things hooked up / connected today.  Was a long 24 hour shift yesterday / last night so I had to sleep.  Probably put in a good solid two more hours to get controllers laid out and plugged in.  So much to do still.  This is going to be a short show season apparently.  Already into the second week of December.  So far behind this year.


  First off just to throw this out there.   Happy Birthday goes to my father today. :)

  So beautiful day out today.  About 45 and I'm sweating while getting this display setup.  Amazing how things go when you are by yourself. :)  Small distractions here and there and I'm sure I'm forgetting little details but progress has been made today folks.  Rudolph is out now! :)  Controllers are out and hooked up.  Power is set and network cables are in place to carry the light dancing signals!  All I need now is to get the other elements up / repaired and testing can begin!  Which I might start tonight after the birthday party. :)  All depending on how much I can get done before 5:00 today.  Time is running out.  4 hours and 30 mins. to go. :(  This break is almost over.  So off to get things done now!


  Wow the 12th of December already and I'm not running my show yet!  This is getting depressing.  Just taking a break from the work I'm doing today.  More controllers are finished.  These controllers are for each RGB tree and also another element that I won't mention yet as I may not get them finished.  I still have some things to build up so I'm still behind.

  I also have things to get put up.  Besides the 8 trees I have some PVC gift boxes I need to finish.  I started them but just haven't gotten back to them yet. :(  The other items I won't mention still need to be finished too.  And I have my window RGB lights to hang still.  That is ladder work.  And in this weather it won't be fun. :(  I was hoping to turn the lights on tonight but it doesn't look very good for that. :(


  Basics setup today.  Running the show tonight to test it out.   Looks AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I still have the window frames to get put up but that won't happen until Tuesday now.  Need to re-work the lights as I found some problems tonight so some quick fixes and done.  So by Tuesday night you should be able to see the entire show.  Already had two people stop by and compliment the display.  That is what makes me keep doing this! :)


  WE ARE UP AND RUNNING!!!!  I have elements that are not out there yet but I'm holding those for next year I guess.  Just no time now.  But come see our show!  Different songs each night!


2015 Christmas Update

Running update on the 2015 Christmas Display.


   Was just interviewed for The Batavian.  Pretty excited.  Now we should get some exposure.  So be sure to come early to see the show if you want in! lol

  New elements are in place this year so be sure to check us out!  We shall see how big a fan you are by how many things you notice are different this year. :)

  I am already planning for next year.  Big plans too.  Be sure to watch this site for more information as I make it available!  Yes I do in fact plan for the next year before the New Year is here! :)  That is how much work goes into these shows.



  Show is now running!  All elements are in place.  Just need some snow to enhance the mood!


  Have not been doing a running update on this year's display.  Wasn't sure it was going to happen and still not sure.  Weather right now isn't helping matters and the repairs have been slow going from the last snow (cold and snow took it's toll on the display elements).

  With any luck Sunday the rest of the display will be up and running.  Still some elements to be put together though so we will see what happens.  I also have a few things to repair which will take some time.  Help is always appreciated. :)  The biggest time consuming thing is setting out the controllers and hooking each channel up to the respective elements.  I still have ladder work along with the huge mega tree to put up also.  Those two items will be all hands on deck to do.

2014 / 2015 Christmas Display Music Line Up

Here we have the music line up for the 2014 / 2015 show.

34th Street

A Soldiers Silent Night

Amazing Grace (Techno Edit)

Angels We have Heard On High

Bob Segar Little Drummer Boy

Carol of Bells

Christmas Vacation

Coca Cola

Frosty The Snowman

I Gotta Feeling

Jingle Bells (Techno Edit)

Music Box Dancer

Polar Express

Santa Clause is Coming to Town

THX Robot

TSO - A Mad Russians Christmas

TSO - Appalachian Snowfall

TSO - Boughs Of Holly

TSO - Christmas Canon Rock

TSO - Christmas Eve - Sarajevo

TSO - Siberian Sleigh Ride

TSO - Wish Listz

TSO - Wizards in Winters

Thunder Struck

Twisted Sister - I'll Be Home For Christmas

When Christmas Comes To Town

Winter Wonderland

Sequencing is time consuming and time is running out so Polar Express and TSO's Wish Listz may or may not be in this years show.  We are still building the display so as time permits we work on the display first then sequencing.

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