2012 Christmas Display Status (Updated)

Well folks thought I'd jot some notes here about the display for this year. :)  First of all the website is now changed.  Yes I know it's early but I won't have time here soon.

Next I noticed that this time last year I already had the Mega Tree up..  Oh well...  I was going to this past weekend considering how nice it was but I'm glad I didn't.  The wind we had yesterday would not have been very Mega Tree friendly. lol  So I'll start either this weekend or next week.  We shall see.

There will be some additions to the show this year.  This past weekend I acquired more of the wire frame deer.  I won't give out too many details though as I don't want to ruin the surprise. :)  And there will be a special surprise for this years display.  That I will not reveal as you will have to stop by and see for yourself! :)

Sequencing...  Yup...  I have some to do.  Not changing up things too much.  Only adding a couple of things. :)

11/17/2012 - Update:

    The daughter and I started putting some of the elements up today.  If you drive by right now you will see them.  They are not in their correct positions just yet.  That a detail I'll work on starting tomorrow.  I'm losing light due to the hour it is and also tomorrow should be warmer. :)

11/26/2012 - Update:

  The light show has been running since Friday night.  Was a bumpy road getting everything setup though.  Some minor issues Friday night that I quickly resolved first thing Saturday morning.  I still have some lights out but the effect of the show is still there.  I'll tackle the burned out lights when it warms up just a little bit. :)

  I've updated the calendar so you can check the show times.  Please remember that these times / dates can change especially with the winter weather upon us.

12/04/2012 - Update:

  The show is running but with this rain we are having it could be a hit and miss.  For tonight in particular it's still a go unless we experience some technical difficulties because of the rain.

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