2013 Christmas Display Update

Welcome to our 2013 Christmas Display Update!


Well work has been started on this years display!  I am adding 4 artificial Christmas trees that are white in color!  I am also going to be adding some stars made from yard sticks.  You can check the stars project out in the How-To section.


Well folks more work has been done.  I can say that without hesitation.  But there is much more work that needs to be done.  I still need some lights and controllers to make this years show what I want and we are getting down to the wire.  Money has been a factor and with any luck when I get the money to order what I need to make the display bigger and better the stock will be there.  Fingers are crossed.


O.k.  I might be 50% finished with the setup.  Discovered  a major element that isn't working though so I have to figure this out.  I have a feeling I might be an element short this year because time is not on my side to restring the entire house especially with the winter weather coming in.  Not only that but I am running out of lights!

I am still waiting for parts to come in to complete another major element.  I'm happy to announce that more RGB will be in the show this year.  I can do so much more now.  Possibilities are endless in regards to colors now.  You will notice that this year.  While this year is basic colors I am able to do it with less light strands than before.  Pretty cool if you ask me!


Well we are having some set backs right now.  Some issues with a controller or two which is slowing us down with the rest of the testing and setup.  Not to mention the temps. are in the teens at night which makes mornings too cold to mess with anything in fear of damage.  As a result of not being able to set anything up I'm delaying the opening night until next Sunday at worst I hope.  It may be further out than that.  We shall see.


  Another set back.  An item I ordered earlier this week now won't be here until mid to late next week.  This is crazy.  What happened to the guaranteed shipping?  First FedEx now UPS?  Seriously?  Company said 4 business days and UPS said by Friday and now not until Wed.  This is getting old.  Yes I know it's that time of year but they have been sucking for months now with their delivery dates.

  So another set back for this year.  Beginning to think someone is trying to tell me something in regards to the display this year.  Just like the Halloween one.  Not a good feeling what so ever.  And I have some great songs to introduce this year too!  Just depressing.


  Two of the eight trees are now 75% setup.  I'm still messing around with them to see the best way to put the RGB strips on there so they look good.  Inside testing is one thing.  Putting them outside amongst the other lights in the display is something totally different.  I don't want them getting washed out with the other lights which I think might happen.  Just not sure yet. :(

  Will get the other 5 up and running tomorrow I think and test them tomorrow night and see how they look together inside.  Then I'll go from there.  Just waiting for the other part to come in so I can finish the rest of this stuff up is all.  Then test test test.


  Well the creative juices were flowing today.  My penguins and spiral tree were always falling over with the winds.  I have fixed that I think.  A little creativity and problem solved.  They will make an appearance again this year!  I'm pretty proud of the work on this if I say so myself. :)

  The trees have been temporarily strung up with the RGB lights.  I still have to finalize the layout of them and then do the little finish up work on them also.  Decided to leave them in the garage instead of dragging them in the house then back outside when I was done.  Room is limited in here as it is.  It will be cold when I get back to them though that is for sure! :(  But Gotta do what I gotta do.  Artificial tree needles are a pain to pick up! lol

  My little snowman will be replaced with two more penguins and a snowman this year.  Those little snowman are just getting beat to death with the wind and snow so I'll give them a break this year.  Or maybe I'll put them elsewhere.  Sort of a static roll possibly.  Who knows.


  So the part I was waiting for actually came in yesterday.  Go figure!  And apparently UPS is now using USPS?  Seriously?  No wonder everything is slow!

  So now I just need a few hundred feet of Cat5 network cable and I can finish cabling everything up.  That might be the time consumer right there!  Making the cables takes some time.  Of course the real time will be actually putting up the last few items I need for the display!  Ladder work is needed for 4 of the items and that will take me some time as I need to mount the window frames and then run cable.  Up and down.  Up and down.  And the weather coming in might not make it so easy!  But we shall see!


  Show is cancelled.  Truck repairs have pounded the final nail in the coffin.  There is no way I can afford the last few items needed to get it running.  Sorry folks.  Just can't afford it.


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