2014 Christmas Display Update

Hello!  I will give you an update as to how we are progressing with this years display.


  Alright I am happy to report that I have finished two more songs for this year.  TSO Wish Listz and also Polar Express.  I'll tweak them some more before the show goes online I'm sure. :)

  I am still waiting for parts to come in to finish my trees and north poles.  We shall see how much I actually get done though.  Lots to do.

  I have some things to work on this weekend in preparation for the show starting possibly next week.  If I can get some stuff done this weekend then next week I can assemble my controllers and what not and get this stuff knocked out and setup.  Fingers crossed.


  Well more things hooked up / connected today.  Was a long 24 hour shift yesterday / last night so I had to sleep.  Probably put in a good solid two more hours to get controllers laid out and plugged in.  So much to do still.  This is going to be a short show season apparently.  Already into the second week of December.  So far behind this year.


  First off just to throw this out there.   Happy Birthday goes to my father today. :)

  So beautiful day out today.  About 45 and I'm sweating while getting this display setup.  Amazing how things go when you are by yourself. :)  Small distractions here and there and I'm sure I'm forgetting little details but progress has been made today folks.  Rudolph is out now! :)  Controllers are out and hooked up.  Power is set and network cables are in place to carry the light dancing signals!  All I need now is to get the other elements up / repaired and testing can begin!  Which I might start tonight after the birthday party. :)  All depending on how much I can get done before 5:00 today.  Time is running out.  4 hours and 30 mins. to go. :(  This break is almost over.  So off to get things done now!


  Wow the 12th of December already and I'm not running my show yet!  This is getting depressing.  Just taking a break from the work I'm doing today.  More controllers are finished.  These controllers are for each RGB tree and also another element that I won't mention yet as I may not get them finished.  I still have some things to build up so I'm still behind.

  I also have things to get put up.  Besides the 8 trees I have some PVC gift boxes I need to finish.  I started them but just haven't gotten back to them yet. :(  The other items I won't mention still need to be finished too.  And I have my window RGB lights to hang still.  That is ladder work.  And in this weather it won't be fun. :(  I was hoping to turn the lights on tonight but it doesn't look very good for that. :(


  Basics setup today.  Running the show tonight to test it out.   Looks AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I still have the window frames to get put up but that won't happen until Tuesday now.  Need to re-work the lights as I found some problems tonight so some quick fixes and done.  So by Tuesday night you should be able to see the entire show.  Already had two people stop by and compliment the display.  That is what makes me keep doing this! :)


  WE ARE UP AND RUNNING!!!!  I have elements that are not out there yet but I'm holding those for next year I guess.  Just no time now.  But come see our show!  Different songs each night!


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