2015 Christmas Update

Running update on the 2015 Christmas Display.


   Was just interviewed for The Batavian.  Pretty excited.  Now we should get some exposure.  So be sure to come early to see the show if you want in! lol

  New elements are in place this year so be sure to check us out!  We shall see how big a fan you are by how many things you notice are different this year. :)

  I am already planning for next year.  Big plans too.  Be sure to watch this site for more information as I make it available!  Yes I do in fact plan for the next year before the New Year is here! :)  That is how much work goes into these shows.



  Show is now running!  All elements are in place.  Just need some snow to enhance the mood!


  Have not been doing a running update on this year's display.  Wasn't sure it was going to happen and still not sure.  Weather right now isn't helping matters and the repairs have been slow going from the last snow (cold and snow took it's toll on the display elements).

  With any luck Sunday the rest of the display will be up and running.  Still some elements to be put together though so we will see what happens.  I also have a few things to repair which will take some time.  Help is always appreciated. :)  The biggest time consuming thing is setting out the controllers and hooking each channel up to the respective elements.  I still have ladder work along with the huge mega tree to put up also.  Those two items will be all hands on deck to do.

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