2017 Christmas Display Updates


  Where do I even begin.  Setup is not going well.  This is a whole new world for running the show this year so I have a huge learning curve to deal with and this networking.  I think I might finally have it.  Days before I am scheduled to go live.  I still have over half of the display to setup.  So much to do and so little time to do it all in.  And, to make matters worse, I still have sequencing to do!



  Do I ever have some good news.  This years display will be kicked up a notch!  x2!  A gracious donation of two (2) pixel mega trees has been gladly accepted.  Oh yeah...  You read that correctly.  These are not the bullet nodes that I will be building up in the future but rather the strips.  It is so the step in the right direction!  The main tree is about 20 high with a star on top.  The smaller tree is about 13 feet with a star also.  This should be interesting!  The sequencing I am going to have to do with these!  I also need to find a storage place as my garage is getting small real quick!!!

  I am working on a new layout now as a result of these donations / additions.  I am in total awe.  Now on the same note this same gentleman has given me ideas for other new elements in my show.  Not ideas in what to put in the show but rather how to do the ideas I've had.  Solutions to the problems in designs.  Really simple solutions too which is apparently why I was not seeing it. :(  Yeah, just a little ashamed at how simple.  But I am armed with ideas now so I am trying to re-design things and working on getting the much needed lights for my ideas (that is where the problem really is, not cheap).


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