Toxic / Radioactive waste

I have been busy again.  It looks like the show won't start the night of Oct. 1st though as I'm a little behind. :(  Although with these new additions I have a ton of sequencing to do and not sure when I'll be done with that..  But I digress...

Presenting to you a new prop for our display.  The Toxic / Radioactive barrels.  Yup you heard it right.  I'm making a leap and doing something new.  I have some plans for some other barrels too but all in time.  That might be tomorrow.  Weather / time pending.

I will also try to get the pics I took tonight up here for these latest additions.

Pic added:  Read more to see it!

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Show Pumpkins

This is more of an update than anything.  I have done some work to the small pumpkins (not the mega pumpkin).  I have painted the insides white to give a more even light.  I have also put in some RGB modules to see how things will look.  Still not sure if I'm going with RGB or stay with the plain old incan lights that they came with.

So far I'm impressed with the outcome.  RGB's will give me many colors to choose from that's for sure.  I'm still trying to find the right purple and orange though for some of the sequences.  But I don't want to give away too many secrets here.


UPDATE 10/7/2012:  These little guys are done and last night was their debut!  Working like a champ.  Now I can change the colors of them to whatever I want.  Looks good in fact.  I had my doubts but they are good.  I just need to adjust the sequencing for colors. :)


Shot some videos of the display tonight.  I think I'll have to re-shoot though as the audio isn't that great after a quick review of a couple of them.  That and the cars whizzing by didn't help any.

Still have to review the videos before I can post them.  Like I said I may have to re-shoot them so it might take me a little time to get 'em posted!


Well I have found a solution to my strobe problem.  Last years strobes really didn't cut it.  And I think one of those units are now dead anyway.

So I ordered some other strobes this past weekend to test out.  Who knows maybe these will be a better choice.  And with any luck I can use them for the Christmas display also!!!! :)

Update 08/04/2012:  Strobes came in last night.  I got home from work to find that pleasant surprise sitting on my desk.  Only ordered 5 of them.  I like them.  The 'ole diehard Xenon ones. Not the new LED's.  These will work perfectly!

Final Touches

Finally got in my FM transmitter today in the mail.  Did some basic testing today in between everything else I was doing today.  Let's recap....

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