More stuff for Mega Tree

Well I got some more accomplished today for the MegaTree.  Not sure if I have mentioned this or not but it's now going to be a 15 foot MegaTree.  After the wife made a comment that 10 feet was NOT a MegaTree I decided to add 5 more feet.  Nice of me huh? lol

So 15 feet.  I strung the 16 individual guide strings today.  Using Paracord instead of anything else.  Also am using Paracord for the 4 guy lines.  We shall see how well it works!

Debating on turning this MegaTree into a Spiral tree also.  I just have to make sure I have enough lights for this.  Also the sequencing of said lights needs to be done. :(

Paint Test

Well while painting the Halloween display I decided to try to paint the electrical conduit.  Did this while I was waiting for some paint to dry and wanted to see how it would look.  It did want I want but I just don't think this paint I have will last very long.  Guess I should have bought the black water pipe.  But we shall see.


The Megatree is time consuming.  Not so much the assembly of but rather the sequencing of.  But here is a pic of our tree.  Not the best shot as there is some of the Halloween display in the way.  I'll have to clear out the spot so you can see more.  Try not to look at the messy garage. lol  * Read more for more info and a pic.

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