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This will be an on going update to the Holiday Display Manager software.

 The zip file can be downloaded from my Drop Box public folder here which is HDMv1.zip.  See below for updates.


     This is still in the development / testing phase.  I'm nervous about releasing it but I guess at this point I need some input from folks that are using RGB.  I have not fully gotten into RGB as some have on here so I need to know if this will be usable as is or if I have to re-work for RGB.  This is based on a spreadsheet I found some time ago that I can't even remember the name of where I got it.  I'm sure some will know it once they see my program.

     I do have some basic reports setup also which are done via .pdf.  I need to update the help file though as I have made some changes in the GUI and structure here and there.

Some major points:

     - Enter in your lights for inventory purposes (total inventory still in development)

     - Enter in all of your controllers (max of 50 right now)

     - Enter in your channels

     - Keeps track of total amps for your display (based on 120 VAC at this time)

     - Keeps track of how many bulbs you have in your display (all park figure depending on how you count RGB lights)

     - Keeps track of total watts for your display

     - To-Do section

     - Each controller has a history of work done based on To-Do section.  When you select each controller you'll see the history.

     - Quick Calcs section to figure out Power, Volts, Amps

     - Music Details.  Enter in music for each holiday and it will give you total run time.  Accuracy needs to be verified

     - Setup screen to allow you to change To-Do Categories and also Circuits

     - In relation to circuits I added this section so you can keep track of how many amps each circuit is drawing.  Don't want to over load your cords etc.



  Well here we are.  I declare this no longer in beta.  I have made some major changes in the data structure so my suggestion is to start over.  Replace all files and start to populate the database with your information. 

  Information is no longer deleted.  It's just flagged as such.  You can always view this data and even "un-delete" it if you wish by saving the information again.  That easy.

  The help file is now updated.  I'm sure I missed something but this should get you in the right direction at least.

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