Small pumpkins - RGB Conversion

I'll get this article started and add pictures a little later.  I decided to start getting into RGB lights some more this year and so it starts the further addiction! :)

These are the pumpkins that I used last year in the Halloween display.  The catch is that they had a single incan bulb in there that basically is a night light bulb.  It's a yellowish color.  While they were usable I just didn't think they were good enough or bright enough.  So this entire summer I've been trying to figure out another way.  I've been playing with RGB hardware from HolidayCoro ( and trying to figure out how to implement them into my display.  Well I finally did.

So I took my pumpkins and realized that they inside of them were all painted differently.  Each one has various amounts of black and orange colors on the inside.  That's what's been making the difference in the brightness!  So how to get them painted?  Well I knew I had to do something as I was using some test modules (RGB) and trying to figure out who what when and where.  I realized that they just weren't bright enough.  And of course the more RGB modules you put in the less room and of course the biggest one is cost.  So I settled for 3 rectangle modules in each pumpkin.  Now I needed to paint the inside a white.  Yeah easier said than done.

Next I decided to cut a hole in the bottom of these plastic pumpkins so I can get at the inside of them to do what I needed to do.  How do I do that...  Ah ha!!!  My Dremel to the rescue!  Oh how I love that thing.....  Best investment in my life!!!!!!!!!!  SO....  fired up the dremel with the multi-purpose cutting tool and off I went...  zip zip zip and done all 8 of them!

Next we paint..  I had some Krylon white paint in a spray can laying around so that got put to use!  Did a qiuck coat to say it's done and also to give it a chance to attempt to dry over night.  So come morning while it doesn't look the prettiest it is functional.  Maybe one day I'll spray in another coat.

So hole cut, painted, and now the lights...  I have some hardware laying around from making my amateur radio antennas so this was and easy one.  Out comes the dremel yet again with a drill bit in place and 3 holes magically appear....  That helps me to mount the RGB modules.  Three screws and done as a temporary setup.  Just to get the modules inside and all pointing in the right direction.

Power applied and look at that..  We have light!!!!  And not only light but somewhat evenly distributed too!!

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