Yard Stick Stars

Hello there folks!  New How-To here..   Making stars from something simple like yard sticks which you can pick up from Home Depot for $0.68 each.  You can also use lathe if you can still find it.

You'll need 5 yard sticks to make this 5 point star.  I also used #8-32 bolts (10 for each star) along with the #8-32 nuts.

 Sort out the yard sticks to your liking.  I then drilled 10 holes in key spots to secure the sticks to themselves.  The picture shown is the end result.  I'll be painting them black and doing a kind of white wash once it gets warm to give it that rustic look.

I haven't decided which RGB modules I'm going to use yet.  I'm trying to price out the rectangle and square ones.  Also trying to determine what will look better. :)  I may end up cutting strips of white coro and placing them over each yard stick to help diffuse the light.  Might look better diffused.  I'll have to experiment with this though and see what works and doesn't work along with what looks good and doesn't look good.

Try to ignore the clutter in the background.. lol  The location in the display will be determined.  I have some ideas but have to experiment with each idea to see if it's even possible and also the looks.  And if you notice the date I am in fact working on the 2013 display in January in my garage with it being about 35 degrees outside. :)

Yard Stick Star assembled.

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